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6 nov. 2015

The Launch of InnoCherche Switzerland

We’re glad to announce that on Oct 26th, the Switzerland branch of InnoCherche was launched at Nestlé headquarters, Vevey.

Representatives from a dozen of international companies such as Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Eaton, Unigestion, the SWORD group or the Orell Füssli Holding, as well as local companies such as Infinitas, Lutz partners, and start-ups like Ahalogy, joined the event.

Goran Kukic (Head of Digital Services Innovation at Nestle) opened the evening by explaining, “We’re glad to sponsor the launch of InnoCherche in Switzerland, because innovation is at the core of Nestlé’s strategy. “

The participants rated the event 9/10 and said they appreciated the “different transverse view across sectors” that InnoCherche is bringing. They agreed with the message that “disruptive innovation needs to be anticipated by their companies”.

All participants mentioned their interest to join future events and their intention to also invite peer executives, as this was a great networking opportunity too.

A fantastic cocktail offered by Nestlé, which led the evening to last more than we originally expected, also enabled this networking.

Our next event in Switzerland is planned for end of January.

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive an invitation:

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